Monday, 29 December 2008

Derbyshire Walk

On Boxing Day we decided to take the Derbyshire air. We parked the car at Tidewell Dale and walked along to Litton Mill beside the river. Litton Mill is such a pretty little place and the new appartments built from the old mill are very attractive. The walk to Cressbrook Mill was pleasant, although perhaps we should have taken the alternative route to avoid the flooded paths. The swans watched us with amusement as we negotiated the puddles. From Cressbrook we climbed upwards first along the road and then through the woods going towards Tinsley Dale. The climb was quite steep in places, but well worth the view once at the top. It was hard to beleive we were walking in December with the sky so blue. We eventually found the stepping stones and crossed the river towards Tideswell. Several styles later we were homeward bound glad to find the car and a welcome cup of coffee.
The scenery was just amazing as always in Derbyshire.

Clumber Park

Clumber Park has been a favourite place for walking since I was a child. I can remember having picnics with my parents, and feeding the ducks with my own son. It is now owned by The National Trust and still has that feel of complete isolation and yet is often busy with people walking and riding bikes. The trees are just amazing. We walked in Clumber Park on Christmas morning and fed the birds and squirrels.