Thursday, 29 September 2011

Christmas Cake

I was chatting to my neighbour last week and she was telling me that as soon as the children go back to school in September she makes the Christmas Cakes. I have never been quite that early and usually make mine during the October break, which happens to be in a couple of weeks.
I am looking for the perfect recipe - or at least something interesting to make. If you have anything to share then just let me know.
I am also planning to make Christmas Cakes with the children at school - a tradition that seems to be disappearing.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Home Economics Room

A place to work, enjoy cooking, developing new recipes, learning skills for life and of course having a chat about 'this' and 'that'.
My Home Economics Room has always been a hive of activity and now I have a brand new room. I returned to school in September and there it was, just about completed. A few more tweaks and I will be there. I can teach 8 pupils at a time and I just love it. We are having an open day on Saturday and as always we like to make Chocolate Muffins - always a favourite as the smell just wafts through the building and attracts lots of customers.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Little Eaton Produce Show 2011


The day dawned bright and I was in the kitchen early to make some cheese scones, an apple pie and a lemon drizzle cake. Today was the viallage produce show. A gathering together to show off prized onions, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, home-baking, flowers and a whole host of other competitions. The children from the village school painted pictures and showed off their talent. The entries for all the competitions had to be in the hall by 12.00 noon. My kitchen was hot and I really enjoyed the baking session (even though I had been at work all week). So I loaded up my basket and off I went to enter my produce. At the last minute I decided to take a jar of Blackberry Jam, Orange and Ginger Marmalade and a rather large courgette which had decided it was a Marrow. The hall was bustling with people all eager to display their wares. I placed my entries and left them to it - the judging takes ages and the villagers were asked to return at 3.00pm. A pleasant afternoon looking at all the entries, chatting and drinking tea. What better way to spend an afternoon. It is all good fun and for me its a bonus to win.
This year I had three 'Firsts' for my cheese scones, lemon drizzle cake and apple pie and a'Second' for the marrow.
Take a look at the slide show to see what everyone entered. I just love the flowers.