Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cutting and Folding

Catching up on my blogs I came across
I was inspired and set ablout cutting and folding my old calendar. However I decided to make individual flowers with buttton centres. I put each flower onto a stick. I then decided to have a go the same idea using fabric. No photographs of this as yet as I m going to make several versions and tie them together to make a bunch - looking quite good so far.
Hope you like the flowers, if so have a look at Sharedthreads as she is an expert.
Happy week


Pondside said...

Clever you! I like the idea of using the old calendar.

Anonymous said...

Looks great Ann!
Here's the link to our post, in case anyone wants the "How to" instructions.

Looking forward to seeing the fabric-version -- I'm still busy over here with our old calendars, out-of-date maps, etc! ♥s