Monday, 18 August 2008

Buxton, Derbyshire

Buxton is about an hour away from our house and a most beautiful drive over the peak district until you reach the high peak town of Buxton. Our last visit was to see a play at the Buxton Opera House about a year ago. It was a dark night when we made the trip, and excited about visiting the Opera house for the first time. What a beautiful building, so original and ornate. But Oh! dear the seats were so uncomfortable - my knees were about under my chin and I was just about sitting on the knee of the next person. We nearly left at the interval, but decided to brave it out, as after all we had driven all thaat way and the play was good. We hobbled out at the end with aching legs and a twisted spine, but still comment on the beautiful building. So yesterday we decided to visit the town and have a browse around the buildings and just take in the atmosphere of this once very grand spa town. The photographs show the Opera House, Pavilion and Band Stand. Buxton was so pretty with flowers that I could not resist adding one of the many tubs along the road.
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