Thursday, 28 August 2008

Chatsworth House Sculptures

Chatsworth House nestles into the Derbyshire countryside and visitors can share in its grand nature and enjoy spectacular views from this vast estate.
As a child I visited the estate during the summmer months to enjoy picnics and walks in the grounds and beyond. I visited the house once, but was not impressed, as a child perhaps I did not appreciate its vast wealth of furnishings.
Two years ago I visited the house again to witness the Christmas display. The Duchess had decided to decorate the house with a theme of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Every room was adorned with baubles and tinsel. A sight to behold. It was the talk of Derbyshire. Some people loved it, other people hated it, but it gave everyone something to talk about for awhile.
Last year I visited the grounds which are truely stunning and the gardners should be proud of their work. The grounds were host to a selection of sculptures which were later to be auctioned at Sotherby's in London.
My photographs show but a few.
Chatsworth House is once again the backdrop for new sculptures which open on September 9th and I shall be there with my camera.
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