Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I didn't intend on being away for so long.

Last Friday was my birthday. The end of the first week back at school, snow still making life difficult in the UK and I felt a bit rough. So I spent Saturday in bed nursing a bad head, sore throat and aching limbs. Sunday I actually felt OK and so on Monday went into work. Still feel a bit rough and today have had no voice at all.
Teaching is very interesting when you have no voice. As I teach a practicl subject I had to be very aware of the safety of the children and so used a whistle. I could whisper instructions and so the class were very quiet and one of them passed on the louder more meaninful tones.So today my Year 7's made Shortbread Biscuits and my Year 10 group made Pork Stoganoff and Tropical Crumble. It made us all feel nice and warm inside and the smell was amazing. No talking yet and I just hope it comes back in the next couple of days, as I really have to celebrate my birthday yet.


The Whispering Creek House said...

wow im sorry you have been so sick..i totally would have brought chicken soup over! lol i want to thank you for the chicken soup for my soul! as you posted that we are all superwomen in our own right! how kind and right you are! your such a sweetie! thank you for the encouragement! i think its so cool to be blogging with a gal from the UK I love it! thanks again!

Heather said...

I am so sorry that you have been sick, and a belated happy birthday to you :)
I wonder if you felt a deeper sense of the children listening, when they were not able to actually hear your voice.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! i've been sitting here with my cup of coffee enjoying your blog. hope you feel better soon!