Saturday, 3 July 2010

Little Eaton Carnival

We awoke to blue skies and plenty of sunshine - Carnival Day. My sister arrived about 12.30 and we ate a snack of toasted peppers - will give you the recipe later - and fresh orange juice. It was only a short walk to see the parade through the village and onto the village green. What a splendid occassion and so colourful - plenty of atmosphere, laughter and general good heartness.
After the parade we followed the crowds to the green and listend again to the marching band and visited every stall to buy alittle of something - we came back with a bag ful of nothing really but we had a great time. The highlight of the afternoon was a ride on the carousel for me - I had not been on one for years and such a treat to ride high up and see the crowd whirling past as my memory of so long ago.
We sat in the garden for hours talking about our day and the events past and present. Overhead we saw all the balloons that had been released to raise money for the local pre-school group. I wonder how far they would travel before bursting and falling to the ground with thier message.
The sun is still shining as I post this message along with the photographs.

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