Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Noggin Bops - What has made you smile this Christmas?

Two gifts at the bottom of a Christmas bag brought a smile to our faces. Noggin Bops - just wind them up and watch them twist. Our Christmas table has been piled high with magazines, books and newspapers. As we sit drinking coffee, eating the odd mincepie and chatting about snippets that we come across the Noggins have kept us company. We stop what we are doing every so often to wind them up and watch them go - such simple pleaures that make us smile.
What has made you smile this Christmas?


UK lass in US said...

Two kids being excited about every little detail of Christmas - oh, and finding out that my dad wasn't joking when he said that my Nan couldn't come to the phone as she was having a lie-down after having a little too much to drink... Very uncharacteristic for her!

Pondside said...

Lots of reasons to smile!....but two little grandsons have provided the most opportunities to giggle and smile.
We too are sitting amidst piles of magazines and books - bliss!