Sunday, 13 February 2011


I feel a bit out of touch as my work seems to have overtaken my life. I try hard to cram my working day into twelve hours, but recently it appears to b every waking minute. Anyway I am sure I will balance it all out next week when we have a half term break.
The 12th February was an important birthday for Colin and I always like to offer an element of surprise, like the year I said he had to be ready to leave home at 4.30am and drove to the south of England for a weekend break at Brooklands ( home to bygone days of motor racing) and the year I drove him to Harrogate to spend a day in a Phantom Jet. So yesterday was no exception. The instructions were to be ready to leave home by 9.30 and to drive south down the M1 to junction 19, then the A14 and onto the M11 and junction 10. He had no idea where were going until the last minute (as he said it could be anywhere)
Duxford perhaps the largest aviation museum was just wonderful. He was like a little boy in a candy shop. We wandered around looking at this plane and that engine. Five hours later we left for the drive home and a birthday meal. A day to remember.
I am still amazed at how all that metal lifts off the ground and flies across the world.


Jackie said...

Sounds like a great birthday present. Phil has visited there when my daughter lived in Hertfordshire and we are lucky as Brookland is not far from us!!!This year Phil wants to visit the Dover RAF Museum, Fort Nelson and the Battle of Britain Museum.

Belated birthday wishes to Colin!! Jackie in Surrey.

Pondside said...

What a thoughtful woman you are - and what a lovely gift for an airplane buff.