Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas Fayre

Hello everyone. I seem to have been away for ages. Time has been against me over the past few weeks as I was preparing for our school Christmas Fayre. The pupils helped me of course, but the fews days leading up to the event were pretty hectic. I also have 50 Christmas Cakes to make and decorate before the 16th December when we break for the holidays.
The Christmas Fayre was excellent, with lots of interesting stalls and very busy. People were actually queuing outside to get in. The atmosphere was vibrant, music playing and people buying. I sold out - well just a couple of jars of mincemeat left, which I can use as gifts. 'Cake Pops' and 'Candy Cones' were very popular.
Hope you like the photographs - will post recipes later as I have so many jobs to get done to-day.
Happy weekend to you all.

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Pondside said...

No wonder that you sold out - it is all so good-looking! I'd have bought all the mince tarts!
What a lot of work - and I can't imagine that many Christmas cakes from one kitchen!