Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cake Pops

Well I must be behind the times as I have only just heard of 'Cake Pops'.
Take a cake, make it into crumbs and add frosting to bind it together. Roll it into small balls and put onto a tray - leave in the fridge for a few hours until they are firm. Insert a lollipop stick and dip into chocolate - decorate and leave to set. I have our school Christmas Fayre next Saturday, so decided to make some - well try them out to see if they work. Brilliant - so easy. I even made 'Christmas Pudding' ones from a crumbled up Christmas cake,dipped in chocolate and decorated with a marzipan holly leaf. The reindeer ones are fun to make, but you must check out

See what designs you can make. Enjoy!


annie hoff said...

I must be behind the times as well, as I've never heard of Cake Pops either. They look fun though. Are they fiddly to make?

Pondside said...

My daughter made these last Easter, but I found them too sweet for my taste. The kids love them! I like the idea of the Christmas cake pops - I may just try that with a store-bought cake. No way will I crumble a home made Christmas cake!

Jojo said...

The reindeer pop is adorable!!!

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