Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Birthday Apron for a little man

Archie will be 5 years old in a couple of weeks and I thought I would get myself organised with his gift. I have made him a 'Chef Apron' and will fill a jar with muffin ingredients so he can make 'choc.chop muffins' just like grandma.

I used a piece of fabric I found lurking on the shelf at IKEA.

I used a newspaper to make the pattern - dead easy.

Cut 2 pieces approx 22inch long and 15inch wide. The top of the bib was 7inch.

I used a plate to draw the curve for the arm shape.

Cut 3 pieces 3inch wide by 22inch long.

Pocket piece approx 8 inch high by 12 inch wide

Make the pocket first by pressing under 1/4 inch all the way round. Top stitch one
Place the pocket one the RIGHT SIDE of the apron approx 4inch from the bottom and make sure it is the centre.
Machine stitch around the pocket, remembering to leave the top-stitched edge open at the top. Machine down the center of the pocket.
Make the two tie straps and neck tie. Press each long edge towards the centre and then fold in half. Machine stitch around the 3 pieces - I used a fancy wavy stitch.
Place the 2 tie straps at the edge of the apron just below the curve and stitich in place.
Place the neck tie on the bib top approx 1/2inch from the edge. Machine in place.
With RIGHT SIDES together pin the two apron pieces together making sure the ties are inside.
Machine stitch all around the apron leaving a space at the bottom to turn through.
Trim off any access and cut the corners and snip the curves.
Turn inside out, press
TOP STITCH all around the apron.

Hey Presto! one little chef apron for a little man

Next time I will take photographs as I know it is often easier to see a picture to help with the instructions.


Jackie said...

Morning, that looks a great present for a little chef. I am hopeless at anything knitting, sewing, creative so I won't say I will copy the idea!! Jackie in Surrey.

Pondside said...

What a clever one you are. I know that my little grandsons would love their own aprons. You make it sound so easy - I don't know about my skills.