Friday, 7 January 2011


You may have been aware that I have been searching for a recipe 'Cut Rounds' which are Devonshire Scones and served with clotted cream and jam - just so yummy.
I had watched a programme on TV called 'Edwardian Farm' and the 'cut rounds' were featured. Well I searched high and low and eventaully decided to email the chef at The Grand Hotel in Torquay. He very kindly shared the recipe with me. I have made them and they are just perfect. IF you want something badly enough just keep on trying.

Recipe for Cut Round (makes 12)

500g plain flouor
50g milk powder
25g baking powder
50g butter
220ml buttermilk
70ml milk
If you like a sweeter version add 30g sugar

1. Pre-heat oven to Gas 6/200C
2. Put all dry ingredients into a large bowl
3. Rub in the butter
4. Mix in the buttermilk and normal milk and bring together until you have a
soft dough - use your hands
5. Roll the dough into a cylinder shape about 3in across
6. Cut into 12 pieces approx 60g each
7. Slightly press into shape
8. Place on a baking tray - glasze with milk
9. Bake for 14-18 mins until golden and risen

The dough must not be soft not dry and you may need more liquid.

Allow to cool slightly before filling with jam and clotted cream.

Oh! boy are they good?


Pondside said...

I've only ever made Drop Scones, so I'll have to give this a try. No such thing as clotted cream over here, but there are substitutes and I can always just use whipped cream.

Faye Henry said...

Oh, thank you so much for finding and sharing this recipe..
I watched Victorian Farm which was filmed in the UK and loved it.
I will be trying these out for Sunday supper...
God Bless...

The Homemaker said...

Sounds yummy! Thanks for the recipe.