Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dovedale - Derbyshire UK

Blue skies and plenty of sunshine. We put a pin in the map and off we set to Dovedale, Derbyshire. It is perhaps a 45 minute drive onto narrow roads with passing places and dry stone walls everywhere. Of course sheep are everywhere and you can see for miles across the green fields.
Our walk to-day took across the stepping stones and into the limestone valley of Dovedale.

I took photographs along the way, but we decided not to climb over the top of the hills today and just wound our way back along beside the river. We came across a fallen tree which had been filled with coins. They had been knocked into the wood. What is this strange custom and what does it mean? We have yet to find out but will let you know when we do. Perhaps some tradition to do with the pack horses who travelled the route many years ago.

We then drove over to Manifold Valley for a pot of tea at the mill. We will go back another day to cycle the Manifold Valley.

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