Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Celebrations

Quiet celebrations sharing thoughts across the sea to Savannah. Not quite the same as when my son was at home for Christmas, but treasured moments. We opened our gifts whislt eating breakfast, laughed at the funny ones and said grateful thanks for the useful ones. We ate roast pork, with roast apples, parsnips and carrots, not fogetting the sprouts. This was followed by a snowy trifle made with blackberries harvested in the autumn. A late phone call announcing the arrival of a new baby boy for my neice - how wonderful and on Christmas day.
To-day we walked across Chanock Chase - 3 hours - with a friend and her two dogs. She gave us supper and I made a mincemeat slice which we had served warm with cream.
A perfect end to the quiet days of celebration.
A toast to absent friends across the world and those who are not with us any more. We love and miss you all.

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