Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas is Coming

At last I can get back to blogging and catch up on all the news. I finished school yesterday for three weeks. Christmas cakes all made and despatched, apart from one which was left behind and the lady never came for it. Some presents bought and now for the big cook session to make gifts for family and neighbours. Some where I have read about the best ever mincemeat cake to make, but can I find it - I will spend another looking and then I may have to settle for second best. This afternoon I have made some lollipops and wrapped ready for the children.
Recipe is from Lorraine Pascale - Home baking made easy. Also from her book the peanut truffles - so yummy I am surprised they have reached the boxes.
Snow is expected, so I will making some soup later.
Made a start at decorating - not bad for the firts day of the hols.

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Pondside said...

It all looks lovely - and your preparations in the kitchen sound wonderful! I've never had a mincemeat cake - wonder what it's like?!