Sunday, 13 September 2009

Blackcurrant Jam and Sock Monkey's

There is never enough hours in the day. I wanted to catch up on my preserves, but I was also desperate to make another couple of 'Sock Monkey's'. So busy, busy and I managed both plus a walk.

Microwave Blackcurrant Jam

600g blackcurrants
600g preserving sugar with added pectin
1 lemon
1. Wash and sterilise 3 jars in the oven
2. Place the blackcurrants into a large bowl that will fit into the microwave and
be able to turn easily
3. Add the squeezed lemon juice and microwave on HIGH for 4 minutes until the
juice runs out.
4. Add the sugar - mix well
5. Return to the microwave for approx 12 minutes - stirring every 3 minutes.
6. Remove from the microwave stir, test for setting point
7. Pour the jam into the clean, warm jars
8. Seal and label.

The jam is such a lovely dark colour and I could not resist spreding some on a slice of a bread to have with a cup of tea.

The 'Sock Monkey's worked out well and I took a photograph of one of them, as the other fell on the floor during the photo shoot - perhaps he was nervous.

Every time I go out now I am looking for socks.


Heather said...

I need to make a sock monkey for the kiddos, they would love it.

This jam looks amazing, and I really like the idea of being able to do something in the microwave. Thanks for sharinf :)

Anonymous said...

So cute!! These would make great Christmas presents.

stitching under oaks said...

I get nervous in front of the camera too...I understand how your other sock monkey felt! So cute!

Sara said...

What a great sock monkey! (I'm sure the shy one is too!)