Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Last Day of the Holidays

Last day of the summer holidays. I always have mixed feelings at the end of the seven week break from school. I enjoy my time at home and often wonder how I find time to go to work, but I am equally ready to start the term and get on with the job of teaching, of which I am passionate about.
We spent the last day of the holiday at Burton Turn which is a new marina for houseboats. The canal system around Derby is fantastic with lots of boats going up and down. I love watching them as they chug along about 4 mile per hour. Many of them are highly decorated and often have flowers or tubs of herbs on the top. Dogs sit boldly on deck enjoying the breeze and I have seen cats curled up as they go along. Burton Turn is a great stopping off point for the houseboats and has several quaint shops. The book shop looked very inviting. We had the best ever ice-cream in a waffle cone from the little shop in the photograph. Maybe one day we will take a trip and the scenery from a canal boat.


Heather said...

Sounds like a most perfect day. I miss the water terribly, and what joy it must be to watch such a pretty scene. Good luck in the new term

Farmama said...

I grew up on a lake....oh how I miss the water! Now we are in the high mountain desert......very arid! Good luck as you begin a new school year!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Love the pic of the sign "the butcher, the baker,etc."!