Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Traffic Light Sandwich

One of my first teaching lessons in Home Economics is to introduce the pupils to the working life of the kitchen and give them basic instruction of using the small equipment in the units, how to wash up and follow routines.(it is amazing how many of them do not know how to wash up and they are 11 years old)So I start with the making of a

Traffic Light Sandwich

2 slices bread
10g spread
1 tomato
20g cheese/or small carrot
lettuce leaves

I hope the pictures can tell you the method

Grate the cheese or carrot

Slice the Tomato

Cut holes in one slice of the bread using an apple corer

Arrange the sliced tomato - red
Grated cheese or carrot - amber
Shredded lettuce - green

Put the slice with the holes on top and cut into wedges.

You should have a traffic light.


gardenmama said...

absolutely adorable : )
i will certainly be trying this one with my little ones!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, that is one of the cutest things that I have seen! I so have to do that this week for the boys. Thank you for sharing!

Craftiness said...

Oh my! How creative:)

... said...

This looks like a lot of fun. My guy loves announcing the color of the traffic lights so I know it will be a hit with him.

Thanks so much for stopping by so wabi sabi. I try to have a recipe once every couple of weeks.

I'll be back for the apple crumble slice...sounds yummy;)