Saturday, 21 August 2010

Ashbourne Show 2010

This afternoon we visited the Ashbourne Show for the first time. The show was held at Osmaston Polo ground in Osmaston, a small village near Ashbourne. What a delight. The country show had something for everyone and you can see from the slideshow that we just about saw everything there was to see. The food, the tents and stalls were just brilliant and Ashbourne Show will be on our calendar for next year.


H said...

How strange... I came here from Alphabe-Thursday summer school, a meme created and run by a super lady in Texas USA, and the first post title I read is about the show from the town where I work! Loved the slideshow :)

Jackie said...


I love those sort of shows, where all the community join in with their own special skills.Had a holiday in Ashbourne a few years ago, stayed on a farm, lovely place and very welcoming. I don't think you can beat a British Holiday, we are off to Cornwall soon. Jackie in Surrey