Monday, 9 August 2010

Roasted Berries

This summer recipe is from Barefoot Contessa - Ina Garten.

I make it and serve it with meringues and extra thick cream

Roasted Berries

1 pint strawberries
1 pint bluberries
1 pint raspberries
4oz sugar
vanilla pod

1. Pre-heat the oven to Gas6 /200C/400F
2. Place all the berries onto a baking tray and sprinkle over the sugar and vanilla
3. Mix the sugar into the berries carefully.
4. Roasted for 20 minutes.
5. Remove from the oven and place into a large serving dish.
6. Let them cool down before serving with the meringues and thick cream.

Try not to break up the fruit. I sometimes use blackberries this time of year instead of the bluberries.
The smell and taste is amazing.

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