Sunday, 24 October 2010

Scooby Do Party

This was a party with a difference. As you know I share grandchildren with my sister. Archie is 5 years old, Poppy is 2 years and Faryl is 1 year old. Archie is kinda frightened of Halloween so my sister said she would have a Scooby Do party instead and hold it week earlier than Halloween, just because she is away travelling.
So the Scooby Do theme took off. My sister had Scooby Do images all over the house and the table was decked with Scooby Do decorations and chocolates. She had colouring books for the children and I provided some bits and pieces to make masks. My sister cooked a hugh cheese and potato pie, sausages and she served it with a variety of chutney. My cakes were a welcome sight on the table along with a gingerbread/parkin recipe. The children danced and watched a video of Scooby Do and so was born a Scooby Do party. We may have another one next year.
I actually like Halloween, so will be decking up my own house with spooky things and am already making candies for neighbours children who will call at the house over Halloween.

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Pondside said...

Well, that sounds like a good idea, and a lot of fun!