Sunday, 14 August 2011

Blackberry Jam

As a child I remember picking blackberries in late August and September. This year I have been picking them since late July. Each day I gather a large bowl of the juicy fruit, which I eat with my cereal, make crumbles and pies, but the time has come to make jam and I will need lots of fruit. So armed with a basket I gathered the blackberries. Last time I posted on how to make blackberry jam I used my electric jam maker, but this year I decided to use my trusted jam pan, which belonged to my mother.

Blackberry Jam
6lb blackberries
6lb preserving sugar (added pectic)
1. Wash the blackberries to remove any dust etc and drain well
2. Place the blackberries, sugar into the preseving pan and leave for 1-2 hours
(the juice will start to come out)
3. Sterilse the jars by washing and then heating in the oven.
4. Put the preserving pan over a low heat and stirring with a wooden spoon continue
until the jam starts to boil.
5. Boil the jam for four minutes and test for setting on a plate.
6. Pour the jam into the clean, dry jars.
7. Cover and label.

I just love to taste the jam on bread and butter as soon as it is made.


Jojo said...

I haven't made jam in years but the last time I did I made a freezer jam and loved it. I love fresh jam.

On another note, I was trying to post comments on your previous posts and my iPad (which I'm trying to become familiar with) kept changing the words with its spellcheck. I couldn't unchange them and when my comments appeared on screen, they made no sense. It's funny really but I had to remove the comments. I'm on my husband's laptop so hopefully my comments will post properly.

Pondside said...

We have blackberries everywhere here on the Island. Yesterday we did a bit of a reccy to see how they're coming along in our favorite picking places, and it looks like we have another two weeks to go. I'll make jam and pies, my daughter will make ice cream and I'll freeze a few bags for the winter.