Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Scarborough, East Riding of Yorkshire

Scarborough lies on the East Coast of the UK and proudly boasts two bays. The bays are sepearated by a hugh headland on which sits the castle. The south bay is a hustle and bustle of shops, slot machines and donkey rides. I spent the day in Scarborough on Monday and it brought back memories of family summer holidays. We would rent an appartment for the week, self catering and spending our time on the beach and exploring rock pool, bring back sand in our shoes. We stayed on the North bay of Scarborough, not quite so busy and less amusements (we liked to make our own amusements.
So had Scarborough changed? Yes and No.
It still has the same tourist points:
The Grande Hotel towers over the South Bay with its 4 towers and 365 bedrooms, a majestic hotel in its day.
The donkeys still carry their riders along the south bay beach, although now it costs £2.00 per ride.
Peasholm Park still has a navel warfare presentation in the afternoon, beautiful flowers and pools of water.
Minature Steam train that goes from Peasholm Park to Sewerby in the North Bay and the new Open Air Theatre which looks amazing.
Open top bus that goes from the South Bay to the North Bay along the promenade - this now costs £4.00 for a return trip, in my younger days we would back it twice a day.
We walked, we talked about days gone by and of course we ate fish and chips with mushy peas.
Scarborough used to be a holiday destination for just 8 weeks in the year, now it is all year round which is great for tourism. Candy floss, ice-creams and winkles can all be bought at a price.
I enjoyed my day out, but it was too busy for me - perhaps I am getting older and long for a different sort of holiday now.


annie hoff said...

It looks like you had good weather. Did you have a ride on a donkey..?

Pondside said...

What a great view of the ruin and the houses and then the vast beach - gorgeous. I'd like to ride the donkey and eat fish and chips (but no mushy peas, which sound rather unappetizing).

Jinksy said...

Think you might mean Naval Warfare, m'dear? Unless The Battle Of The Bulge is the culprit ! The beach looks splendid...