Sunday, 14 August 2011

Duffield to Wirksworth by train

Last year this little line openend after lots of hard work and fund raising. Now you can catch a train from Wirksworth to London St. Pancras (changing at Duffield and Derby of course). Quite fun to hear the station master announcing that you can catch a train to London from this tiny railway station.
We caught the train from Duffield (Derbyshire) to Wirksworth this afternoon bringing back lots of memories of travelling by train 30 years ago. The train leaves Duffield every hour on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday (too bad if you want to travel to London on a Monday. The train travels diddly de, diddly de along the track through pleasant countryside with fields of cows and maize. A few fields are full of sheep but the train slows down as they wander onto the line. Lovely little houses showing gardens full of flowers and vegetables are dotted along the way. The first stop is Idridghay, a one stop village with a few houses scattered around the station.
Wirksworth is the end of the line and to-day like lots of other people we enjoyed the walk through the town, which centres around the church. The last time I visited Wirksworth the snow was on the ground, but today we saw a different veiw. Quaint shops, organic fruit and veg shop, art gallery and past times ( a shop full of curiosity things). We drank tea and ate ice-cream and just took in the views.
A pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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Pondside said...

That sounds like a lovely ride. How long is it? I've been collecting ideas of short and unusual rail trips in the UK and would like to add this one.