Monday, 24 August 2009

Blackberry Jam

Yesterday I picked blackberries ready to make some jam. I just love the colour of blackberry jam. I was given an electric jam maker last year as a gift. It was something I would not have bought for myself but it has been very useful for preserving.

Blackberry Jam
2lb blackberries
2lb preserving sugar (added pectic)
1 lemon - juice
1. Wash the blackberries to remove any dust etc and drain well
2. Place the blackberries, sugar and lemon juice into the jam maker
3. Press P4 and time 15 minutes.
4. Sterilse the jars by washing and then heating in the oven.
5. After 15 minutes test the jam set on a plate
6. Pour the jam into the clean, dry jars.
7. Cover and label.

I just love to taste the jam on bread and butter as soon as it is made.

You can still make this recipe by using a preserving pan instead of an electric jam maker, but you may need to boil it for longer.
The electric jam maker is self clean once you have made the jam - a real bonus.


gardenmama said...

Beautiful photos!
Our blackberries are just starting to ripen, this is great!

brandy said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. That jam looks delicious!! I'm off to explore your blog!

Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by and please call again.