Friday, 21 August 2009

A Busy Day

What a wonderful day. I visited my friend who was having an Art Exhibition and selling some of her crafts. Her inspirations mainly come from Cornwall where she spends the summer months beside the beach and the sand dunes. Beach Huts feature alot in her work. I went with my sister and we chatted over tea and cakes whilst browsing. I just love browsing, the weather was warm, the flowers smelt heavenly and the chat was inspirational.
We then went to see the NEW BABY - Faryl Evie. Oh! so sweet and such a mop of dark hair. Her fingers and toes so tiny and such soft skin. Babies are so special and such a gift to the parents. They loved their wicker basket of goodies. As we left I said it hardly seems any time that my neice was a baby herself and now she is all grown up with a baby of her very own.

On our way home we stopped to visit 'The Green Place', which is in the village of Sileby near Leicester. The little shop is set back from the road in a wild garden full of apple trees and lavender. They have a small 'tea shop' and it is a friendly place to shop, explore and unwind - selling all things 'green'

I am home with a pattern and fabric to make a baby bag, which I will start over the weekend and hope to show you later. but first I have to make more Mu-Cakes for the garden party on Saturday.

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