Friday, 14 August 2009

Tobermory - Isle of Mull

A couple of months ago I had the chance to visit the Isle of Mull on the west coast os Scotland. The drive from Glasgow is wonderful with spectacular scenery. I stayed just north of Oban in a small place called Connel. Grove House was the best bed and breakfast I have stayed in. Karen made me feel so welcome, a true home from home. Every detail had been attended to and the room was comfortable. The breakfast was a sight to behold. Karen likes her guests to eat at the same table which of course encourages conversation - I don't need any help in that department and quite happy to chat to everyone. Karen had every type of cereal with a range of nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruit and home-made yoghurt. A huge jug of smoothie was on the table and obviously very popular. I had scrambled eggs with salmon followed by lashings of hot toast and coffee - truley wonderful and set me up for the day.
The ferry for Mull leaves from Oban and takes about 45 minutes to Craignure. From Craignure I travelled to Tobermory which starts out on quite a good road, however very soon you are onto sinlge track road with passing places. Along the road to Tobermory there are small villages and the odd house, usually with a view to die for. Tobermory is a relatively large place built around a harbour. The little houses on the front street are painted different colours and overlook the harbour with its many fishing boats and moored yachts. Tobermory is a very popular tourist spot, but take time to drive around the island to get the true feeling of island life. I stayed at the Glenforsa Hotel, which is a luxury log cabin. The room again was very comfortable and the food excellent. The Glenforsa Hotel boasts its grass airfield and the view across the water is just perfect. They have a webcam at the hotel and even now when I have a few minutes I click on just to see the view and what is happening. One day recently when I clicked on I was able to see a light aircriaft landing on the grass strip.
If you are on the west coast of Scotland try and make time to visit the islands, they are so worthwhile.