Monday, 10 August 2009

That Monday Feeling

I don't have that 'Monday Feeling' at the moment as I am holiday from work. I am making the most of everyday and that includes Monday. Today I picked some tomatoes from the greenhouse ready to make a Puff Pastry Pizza. I am defrosting the freezer ready to freeze vegetables from the garden later in the month. I found a sheet of puff pastry and decided to use it for my quick pizza recipe.

Puff Pastry Pizza

1 sheet of ready rolled puff pastry
500g ripe tomatoes - cut in half
1 red onion - roughly chopped
4 cloves garlic - chopped
handful of basil leaves - roughly torn
glugs of olive oil
Pre-heat the oven to Gas 6/200C
1. Pour a glug of olive oil onto a baking tray
2. Place the tomatoes, onion, garlic and basil leaves in the oil
3. Roast until well cooked and the tomato skins are turning black
4. Leave to cool and then whizz to a chunky paste
5. Lay the puff pastry onto a floured tray
6. Spread the tomato paste over the pastry and scrunch up the sides
7. Grate 75g Red Leicester Cheese over the top
8. Bake 15-20 mins until the pastry is well risen and the cheese bubbling and brown.
9. Serve with a green salad

These would be good made individually for picnics or school lunch
The toppings are endless.
I also freeze this tomato paste in small bags.

Red Chillies in Olive Oil
I bought a large bag of red chillies at the weekend and only used one of them, so I thought I would put them into olive oil to use in salad dressings and stir-frys.
I cut the chillies in half and dried them in the oven.
I had used the oven earlier to make a lemon drizzle cake so just turned off the oven and popped in the chillies. They took about an hour to dry out and I made sure they were cold before putting them into jars with the olive oil. (I heated the olive oil first)

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