Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Wormery

Last year I invested in a wormery. I don't really like worms and would never pick one up. I ordered the wormery and it came by post along with 1,000 worms. I followed the instructions and in no time I had my very first wormery. I put the worms into the container using gloves and a very outstretched hand.
The worms work away slithering and sliding around in a mixture of kitchen waste and shredded paper. As the food decays the worms turn it over and over and eventually the compost is left behind as they move upwards in the container. Any liquid is gathered in the base and I use this liquid feed for my container plants. The worms multiply and are forever hungry for waste. It is a slow process - a bit like my garden compost but the wait is worth it. The rich compost left behind is mixed with other compost to grow my vegetables. I do sort out the wormery from time to time, just to remove any oadd bits of waste the worms don't like. They love banana skins, melon, egg shells, bread, apple cores, peelings of any kind but not potato and they hate anything citrus.
I really like my wormery and so do my plants
Oh! by the way the wormery is kept in the garden and I cover it in the winter so the worms don't get cold.

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