Saturday, 15 August 2009

Elgol - Isle of Skye

I did a road trip around Scotland a few years ago and one of the most magical places I visited was Elgol on the Isle of Skye. I crossed to the Isle of Skye using the little ferry at Kylerhea. To get to the ferry I used the road from Glenleg (another beautiful place nestling on the west coast of Scotland). It is short crossing on a ferry that holds probably 10 cars. The current is very strong and the ferryman uses all his skill to make the crossing. It is a single track road from Kylerhea to Broadford. From Broadford I took the B8030 to Elgol. The road is single track with passing places and the scenery is spectacular. Round every corner something new to look at and wonder how people live in the little houses and what they do for a living. Elgol nestles around what seems like the end of the earth and a steep road down to the harbour. From the harbour you can take a boat trip, but I just sat for ages looking out towards the Cullin Hills. The weather was not brilliant, with squalls of rain and then bright sun with strong winds - but hey this is Scotland and who cares when you have such beautiful scenery.
I visited Elgol again last October as my son asked me to check out some designs for an engagement ring as he wanted something special to ask Jessica to marry him. My son now lives in the USA and as a Scottish boy wanted an unusual, unique design. I spent many hours with Garth Duncan who designs and makes the most amazing jewellery.
Emails were sent backwards and forwards and eventually the ring was sent to the USA and Frazer and Jessica were engaged over New Year. The ring was stolen in January and amazing it was found and returned to the happy couple. A Celtic charm indeed. Elgol for me is a truely magical place and a must for everyone who visits the Isle of Skye.
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